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Dino Circle
Dino Circle is a Hip Hop duo from Orange County CA. Two members / emcees's Antonio Barrios aka MAD FLOW and Kenneth Uipi aka
M.U.T.The Don ( Most Underestimate True Talent ) and their producer Alex Nejera aka B.U.G.S ( Beauty Under Guidance of the Soul ) . DC
started out in 2011 and the meaning behind the name is something was developed between us three and our good friend Travis . DINO
which automatically triggers the thought of Dinosaurs , metaphorically speaking " something that's always been around but is never
talked about unless brought up " . CIRCLE meaning the circle of life , we three are not the only ones who carry the dino circle name ,
everyone who has supported us from day one or is involved with our line of work is part of the circle thus making it bigger and bigger.
That being said the music we are doing sounds like its been around forever or the " old school " vibe people get BUT it still stands out
amongst other local music in our area as if its never been done before. Every fan or supporter we obtain becomes part of the circle , we
collect members like the Wu Tang Clan so to speak. Antonio and Alex ( Mad Flow and Bugs ) are originally born and raised in Anaheim CA
for most of their lives and Kenneth ( M.U.T.The Don ) was born in Orange , and has lived in almost every city in OC but mostly raised
between Santa Ana and Anaheim. The group has a heavy west coast g funk influence with a twist , we are putting more of the FUN in
funk rather then the 90's gangster element is was brought up on. We are part of an independent label we started as well called
OverCast Entertainment. Whose main mission is bring the community together through music and art. Dino Circle would be considered
the poster child for the label , as in we want to take people back to the Bronx Block party days and the Dj Kool Hercs , DJ Red Alerts ,
were Hip Hop was just fun to be around and listen to. Money isn't the main concern with us , its really putting OC on the map as the next
Hip Hop capitol next to LA and NYC . Establishing the Hip Hop community within our area. The rest we will let come through at its own
Prod MF Doom