BLENDER MAGAZINE Blender was an American music magazine that billed itself as "the ultimate guide to music and more". It
was also known for sometimes steamy pictorials of celebrities. Blender's final print issue was the April 2009 issue.
Started: 2001 Location:
Contributors: Andy Pemberton, Andy Turnbull, Craig Marks, J.D. Considine, Todd Pruzan.
#33 Snoop Dogg
Blender Magazine Snoop Dogg Cover
#36 Eminem 50 Cent
Blender Magazine 50 Cent Eminem Cover
#73 Lil Wayne
Blender Magazine Lil Wayne Cover
#40 Kanye West
Blender Magazine Kanye West Cover
#65 Jay-Z
Blender Magazine Jay-Z Cover
#3 DMX
Blender Magazine DMX Cover
#49 T.I.
#15 Eminem
#57 Notorious B.I.G.