LET'S SIDE MAGAZINE Rap, hip hop, metal, punk, DIY hardcore, records, tapes, junking, thrifting, collecting, graffiti,
vandalism, resisting, sedition, dissenting action, food, drank, dank, and drugs, villains, criminals, guns, fighting, as well as zine & mail art
Published : Quarterly Started: Fall 2012 Location: Bay Area Contributors: Clell Miller, Thug E. Fresh, Matt Loomis, Hardcore Jerry aka
Heathkilla, DJ Stef, Gurped Out the Rap Nerd, E Gawker, June Bug from North Bay, Billy Jam, Dan Lactose, Japanic, DJ Eons One, Sergio
Ornealas (from Stay Hatin' and Beer and Rap), The Great Toph One and his Lucky 13, sixfistedfury, Shameful Pete, Lavish Weight, Luke Sick,
DJ Oh, Mann the General, Cold Blud, Omar Hassan from New Medina Records
#1 The Click & E-40
#2 Bay Blue Chuuwee
#4 R.B.L. Posse
#3 W.C.
#5 Poor Righteous Teachers