LOWRIDER MAGAZINE A lowrider is a customized car originated by Mexican-Americans in Southern California. It was a part
of the zoot-suit fashion that bloomed heavily through Los Angeles during the 1930s. Many lowriders have hydraulic suspension systems
(modified suspension) so that their ride can change height at the flip of a switch.
Feb 1989 L'Trimm
Oct 1989 Jazzy Jeff Summer
April 1990 Biz Markie
July 1990 Joe Cooley Rodney O
Sept 1990 Kid Frost
Oct 1990 MC Hammer Paris
Dec/Jan 1991 Vanilla Ice
Sept 1991 Yo Yo
Oct 1991 LL Cool J
Dec 1991 Naughty By Nature
April 1992 Ice-T
May 1993 MC Hammer
March 1993 Ray Luv
April 1993 King Tee
Nov 1999 Snoop Dogg Frost
Jan 2000 Tupac Shakur
April 2002 Cypress Hill
July 2003 Delinquent Habits
Nov 2003 Jayo Felony
Jan 2004 Ice Cube
Feb 2006 Ice Cube
Aug 2006 Ice Cube
Feb 2007 Method Man