YO! MAGAZINE From the creators of Fresh! came Yo! Magazine in the late 80's. Started: 1988 Published: L.A.
Published: Monthly Contributors: Debi Fee, Brian Ashley, Ralph Benner, Doreen Lioy, Michelle Gauthe, Raymond Boyd.
All rights reserved.
#5 Eazy E
#6 Big Daddy Kane
Yo Magazine Big Daddy Kane Cover
#8 Ice-T
Yo Magazine Ice-T Cover
#12 Digital Underground
Yo Magazine Digital Underground Cover
#13 Kid N Play
Yo Magazine Kid N Play Cover
28 MC Lyte / Ice Cube
Yo Magazine Ice Cube Cover
36 Naughty By Nature
Yo Magazine Naughty By Nature Cover
37 Run DMC
Yo Magazine LL Cool J Cover
46 Snoop Dogg / 2Pac
Yo Magazine Snoop 2pac Shaq Cover
48 Snoop Dogg
Yo Magazine Snoop Dogg Cover
61 Biggie
Yo Magazine Biggie Smalls Cover
63 P Diddy
Yo Magazine P Diddy Cover
67 Mase Puffy
Yo Magazine Mase P Diddy Cover
74 Snoop Dogg
Yo Magazine Snoop Dogg Cover
2Pac Special
Yo Magazine Tupac Special
2Pac Special
Rap Legends Tupac
Yo Magazine Tupac Legends Cover
2Pac Poster
Yo Magazine Tupac Poster Cover
#3 MC Hammer
#25 N.W.A.
#55 Tupac
#59 Tupac Snoop Dogg
62 Wu-Tang Clan
#31 1992 N.W.A.