Although this is a one man operational website, I have had many people help make this site possible over the past few years.  
I have met a lot of interesting people, writers, teachers, collectors, and artists that have extended a hand to help out the site.
Whether that was their intentions or not, cool people deserve their props. The people shown below are in no particular order.
"DEEBO" Mendez - Owner of Boss Status Magazine, CEO of WeeSeed Records.
Went and met Deebo out in the Vallejo area to pick up some magazines a few times and he hooked me up not only with some
very hard to find bay area magazines, but also the entire set of Boss Status Magazines. If you want to understand how they
do it on the independent level in the bay, this guy is a perfect example. Talk about hustle.  Twitter: @Deebo510 if you need
Khalid El-Hakim - Teacher, CEO & Founder of The Black History 101 Mobile Museum
I met Khalid as we both were  trying to work out a deal for some magazines. After hearing what his purpose of having these
magazines for and what he was doing with them just blew me away. His Mobile Museum and its purpose, was the inspiration
for me to create this website. It is important to preserve these artifacts and have the youth remember the past. Incredible
stories I have heard from Motown contracts blowing in the wind, to Khalid going to a KKK auction. Very Jealous of this guy as
he has been able to meet some of my idols, Chuck D and Professor Griff of Public Enemy.
Go cop his book:
The Center of the Movement
Jordan C - Editor of Thick Magazine, and
Jordan is just "one of those dudes". I was interested in his magazine and he went out of his way to deliver some to the states
for me. He even found me some early issues that I don't think will ever come back up online.
Luke Sick - Megakut Records - Let's Side Magazine
This is another "one of those dudes". I was directed his way with a push by Billy Jam who was telling me about this magazine.
I contacted him about buying some issues and without hesitation sent some my way free of charge. If you haven't read Let's
Side I recommend you get a copy.
Buy Let's Side
Billy Jam - Hip Hop Legend, DJ, Journalist, Producer....
Here is a guy who has dedicated his life to hip hop and from the conversation we had, to preserving it and keeping it relevant.
He has either sent me magazines or has pointed me in the right direction. Although he has a busy schedule, he was still nice
enough to email me back and even make contact on the phone with me. I have even heard stories from other magazine
collectors who have lived near Billy in New York, that have had great experiences with him when it came to collecting
Hip Hop Slam
Shaolinshogun - Magazine Collector
Although his scans have not shown up yet, I have over 100 hard to find magazines that he was nice enough to contribute to
my site. After seeing some of his magazines online I realized he has one of the nicest collections I have seen in a while, and I
am not impressed very often at collections. His story of growing up and collecting rap magazines and how he went about
getting some brings forward an incredible spirit of collecting and the adrenaline of "the hunt". Very similar stories to mine.  
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