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After years of many hardships, setbacks, struggles,
near death experiences, two prison terms, major
radio airplay, to being homeless Wasaname is back
with their Debut Indie Release “Fall Back-Spring
Forward” . The group hasn’t recorded a project as a
whole unit since their mixtape " Otha People's Beats"
with the gray mercedes in the background, which
thanks to a secret member of the crew, also included
drops from Ying Yang Twins & Trillville reaching 10k cd
pressed and distributed by wasafolks street team.
Wasaname (An Em) is…
Now Playing: Wasaname feat. DLabrie & Jamal Amin
"Miles Away"


Instagram: @itswasaname

Album Available " Fall Back Spring Forward"
  Amfm aka @allseermusic  is not only a group member but also the main producer of the group
minus when Simone Nia Rae chimes in. The Visionary. Self Proclaimed Futurist. In tune with the
universe & beautiful attractive women/girls/ladies , predictably unpredictable  you never know wtf he
might say. Grew up in Deep East Oakland around poor people, Righteous & Conscious beings ,D-Boys
(trap stars), pimps, macks, teachers, scholars, poets, musicians, and self-made people. Amfm is the
most mysterious one of the group. ” His style is original . It has been jacked before but he won’t say
how many artists out now were given his style without him or them knowing. He believes everyone